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The bill was sold as method of assuring that persons who got Oregon driver’s licenses were in Oregon legally.

News reportsrepeatedly commented that the bill did not comply with the Federal “Real ID” act (The National ID Card.) However, on the Senate floor today, both Senators Bruce Starr and Rick Metsger claimed that the bill took large steps in that direction.

This bill has been racing through the legislature at remarkable speed. It passed a Senate committee and went immediately to Ways and Means. It will NOT receive a hearing in a House Committee and cannot be amended. It could be on the House floor any day.

While we agree it is essential for Oregon to change its policy of being a safe haven for law breakers and illegal aliens, this bill requires that you provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with your Social Security number before being allowed to apply for a driver’s license. Those who have chosen not to have a “government” number or force their children to get one will not be allowed to apply, even if they provide proof of legal residency like a birth certificate.

Americans, born in America, will now be compelled to give up the most regularly stolen piece of ID in order to be allowed to drive, and Oregon will be far closer to capitulating to the Federal Government’s demand for National ID.

Gun owners should be very concerned about the promotion of a national ID card. The current administration has been openly hostile to gun ownership while pushing the “Department of Homeland Security” to demand national ID. Of the current front runners for president, ALL are anti-gun. That means that the next administration will almost certainly be no friend to gun owners.

The failed Brady Bill has proven what corrupt national databases can do to harm gun rights.

National ID cards under the control of administrations hostile to gun rights promise to be a nightmare. Oregon should join the statesDailyafirmation Badges Life Professional My In that have the courage to stand up to the Federal Government and not capitulate to unconstitutional demands.

Please contact House Speaker Jeff Merkley and urge him not to support SB 1080.

Please also contact your own rep. You can contact them with this link:

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Contact info and a suggested message follow:

Speaker Jeff Merkley
[email protected]

Ids - Scannable Buy Id We Fake Make Premium _______________________________________________

Ids - Scannable Buy Id We Fake Make Premium Dear Speaker Merkley,

SB 1080 has been promoted as a way to stop people who are not in the US legally from getting Oregon driver’s licenses. But its supporters on the Senate floor admitted it was really an effort to move us to compliance with “Real ID” and a National ID card.

Ids - Scannable Buy Id We Fake Make Premium I urge you to join other western states and refuse to capitulate to unconstitutional Federal demands that Oregonians be required to have a national id card.

Oregonians should not be subject to invasions of their privacy because the Federal Government has failed in its obligation to secure our borders.

Reject SB 1080.

Very truly yours,


Ids - Scannable Buy Id We Fake Make Premium
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